TMJ Treatment

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What is a NTI/Deprogrammer?

The NTI, or Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System (say that ten times fast!), is a small plastic-like device that is custom made to fit to either your top or bottom front teeth and is usually worn only at night. The NTI/Deprogrammer is recommended for people suffering from jaw joint and/or jaw muscle problems.

How does a NTI/Deprogrammer work?

The device works by preventing your top and bottom teeth from touching each other. Since the muscles are no longer able to fully squeeze and clench your teeth together, they begin to relax. Eventually, the muscles will reset, or “deprogram,” losing their inflammation and incorrect functioning.

Our dentists will recommend and make a NTI/Deprogrammer for you to relieve your jaw/muscle discomfort. Schedule your visit for the best NTI/Deprogrammer in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

What is Occlusal Analysis?

“Occlusion” can be defined simply as how your upper and lower teeth meet, i.e., your bite. An occlusal analysis is performed when it is suspected that teeth are contacting in a way that’s causing damage to the teeth themselves or to neighboring structures (such as the gums, muscles, joints, etc.). During occlusal analysis, your dentist may take impressions, scans or photos of your teeth in order to fully study your bite.

What is a Bite Adjustment?

After Occlusal analysis, a bite adjustment may be recommended. A bite adjustment is one or more procedures aimed at correcting any inappropriate tooth to tooth contact. The goal is to allow teeth to come together in a way that minimizes destructive forces on the teeth, muscles and joints. This can be accomplished in several ways such as removing excess tooth structure, building back up missing tooth structure or even moving the teeth to a more ideal position (with orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign).

Our knowledgeable team of dental providers is ready to help with any bite issues you may have. Call today to learn if you are in need of Occlusal analysis and bite adjustment.

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