Teeth Whitening

Park Dentistry in Park Slope Brooklyn serves the Brooklyn, Prospect Heights, Boreum Hill, Windsor Terrace, Cobble Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn Heights communities.

Everyone generally wants white, radiant looking teeth. Unfortunately, teeth can darken or stain over time due to certain foods and drinks, behaviors and even aging. Fortunately, teeth whitening is an easy and convenient way to remove deep stains and give back teeth their beautiful, healthy looking appearance.

In-Office whitening is a type of teeth whitening that is only performed at dental offices. We use a strong-yet-safe whitening technique that achieves faster and more noticable results than other methods. Our dental providers can give you that radiant white smile you’ve been looking for in under an hour.

Let us know if you have a history of sensitive teeth or have had extensive dental work in the past. People who tend to have sensitive teeth are at a higher risk of triggering their sensitivity after a whitening session. If sensitivity is a concern, your whitening session can be performed in small, short visits to reduce your risk for sensitivity. Furthermore, a special toothpaste can be used before your sessions to reduce your risk for sensitivity. Finally, existing dental treatment will not change in appearance alongside your natural teeth.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Park Dentistry works with most dental insurances. Our team will run a complimentary benefits check for you at the time of your visit. Call today for the best teeth whitening treatment in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Quick, lasting teeth whitening results in Park Slope.
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