Laser Gum Reshaping

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What is gum reshaping?

Laser Gum Reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that is used to change the shape of your gums. Dr. Sophia Milito at Park Dentistry in Park Slope, Brooklyn can use this procedure to cut away excessive gum tissue that is giving you a “gummy” smile or to restore gum tissue that has receded and is now exposing too much of your teeth.

How do I know if I need gum reshaping?

Typically, this is a highly personal decision that is made based on how you feel about your gums. If your gums are uneven, or they cover too much or too little of your teeth, then you may be a good candidate for gum contouring or gum reshaping. To find out, call 718-622-7275 and schedule an appointment with our Park Slope dental office.

Is there any pain associated with gum reshaping and what’s the recovery time?

There can be some soreness with the procedure, but you will be medicated during the procedure, which will reduce the likelihood of you feeling any pain during it. How much soreness depends on how much gum tissue is being cut away, shaped, or grafted.

Very often, lasers can treat the gums without cutting or sutures, decreasing the recovery time. Regardless, you will experience some swelling and discomfort afterward. You can manage it by applying ice packs to your face for 15 minutes at a time and using ibuprofen.

Looking for a less “gummy” smile?