Cleanings & Exams

Park Dentistry in Park Slope Brooklyn serves the Brooklyn, Prospect Heights, Boreum Hill, Windsor Terrace, Cobble Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn Heights communities.

Why is a dental exam and cleaning necessary?

Your mouth is an important part of your overall health and social interactions. At Park Dentistry, we believe that it is best to address dental issues before they get a chance to turn into costlier, more invasive procedures. For example, a small filling is preferred over a root canal. That is why it is important to see your dental provider at least twice a year for an exam and cleaning.

What happens during my exam and cleaning?

During your exam a member of our expert dental team will take X-rays of your teeth. Then, one of our caring doctors will perform a series of exams such as a head and neck exam to check for any abnormalities around the mouth, a gum exam to evaluate the health of the gums, and finally, an intra-oral exam to evaluate the health of your teeth and bite.

During your appointment you will also receive a gentle tooth cleaning that will remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth. Once completed, your doctor will discuss with you your teeth and gums and any recommendations that they may have.

How much is a dental cleaning and exam?

Park Dentistry works with most dental insurances. Our team will run a complimentary benefits check for you at the time of your visit. Call today for the best teeth cleaning and exam in Park Dentistry, Brooklyn.

Let’s get you scheduled for your next preventative visit.
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