Cerec Dentistry/ Same Day Crowns

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CEREC Dentistry is a new, convenient treatment option that allows our patients to get certain restorations in one single visit.

Traditionally, dentists had to take an impression, or mold, of their patients and send it to a lab where their patient’s restorations could be made and then sent back to the dentist. This required patients to come back for a second visit to have their restorations permanently placed. Additionally, it would also require patients to wear a temporary restoration in the interim.

CEREC dentistry is a state of the art process where restorations can be made in a matter of minutes while the patient is in the office. There is no need for a second visit or a temporary restoration.

CEREC Crowns

A Cerec Crown is a type of dental restoration that encircles the underlying tooth. Crowns are used to restore a tooth’s shape and appearance when the tooth has been severely compromised.

Dental crowns are also used to attach bridges, cover implants or replace a failed or failing filling. Dental crowns can also serve an esthetic use when they are applied to a discolored or stained tooth to cover up the underlying unaesthetic appearance.

CEREC Onlays

A Cerec Onlay is similar to a CEREC Crown with the major difference being that an Onlay restores only a certain portion of the tooth and a crown restores the whole tooth. A CEREC Onlay is the ideal choice when the concerning feature of a tooth is restricted to a small segment of the tooth and the remaining tooth structure is healthy and strong enough to not require a restoration.

CEREC Veneers/Lumineers

CEREC Veneers/Lumineers are thin pieces of porcelain that are placed over the front of your teeth to change their color, shape or position. Veneers can address teeth with uneven surfaces, chips or discolorations. Veneers can also address odd shaping, uneven spaces or crookedness. Sometimes, little or no anesthesia is required. Veneers have a long life expectancy and color stability.

People love the convenience and high quality results of our CEREC/Same-Day crowns and onlays. Call today for the best CEREC/Same-Day crowns and onlays in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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